Wyze app not recognizing the home unit and thermostat sending out heat when it should be cooling

Wyze community – I need your immediate help in the middle of this HOT summer! This is my SECOND Wyze thermostat that is not installing correctly. I’m going to do my best to give you all the information I know.

Cancelled/deleted the thermostat install.

Closed the Wyze app.

Rebooted my phone.

Turned heat & cool circuit breakers OFF.

Began Wyze app Thermostat install.

Picture below, is the original thermostat wiring.`

Picture above, is the WYZE thermostat wiring.

Everything is installed, wired, and set up correctly.

The next step is to get the Wyze app to recognize my heat/ac unit.

I got this message on my Wyze app …

… indicating to me that the app could not find my unit.
It could not ADD my thermostat and told me to check circuit breakers.

WELL, the power is ON and the unit is sending out HEAT into the house rather than AC!

This is what the Wyze thermostat looks like: