Wyze app non functioning on Google Fiber network

Anyone have Google Fiber internet at home and are you having issues with the Wyze app. Particularly the events tab loading events when on the network at home. As well as the rules and history not showing up?
I just upgraded to Google Finer today and the Wyze app won’t function when I’m on the network at home. But it runs fine when I switch to 5G on my iPhone. Any help would be great.

What wifi network gear do you use? Router or access point? Brand/model? Any security firewall stuff setup? I think your issue is something within there, before it gets to the internet side of things. VPN at play somewhere? Any other devices you could try the app on, to see if it’s a device issue. See if the problem follows the app or device. What device are you using anyway? Os version? What wyze app version are you using?