Wyze app is frustrating to use

I originally got my Wyze cams for inside use, to check on my cats and be able to play back any video of their mischief. After getting a second dog, I find myself primarily using the cams to monitor my dogs now. I really need to be able to check in on them from time to time, verify that they are safe and not getting into any trouble, and play back any video if needed. With the way the app’s software is currently deployed, these cams have basically become unusable for me.

This is what is happening when I open the app and try to view my cams:

  1. Open app
  2. Click group (I have 1 for outside and 1 for inside)
  3. Wait for cams to load or fail
  4. Close app and try again

When I open a camera group, I see the video trying to load, going through its usual 1/2/3 load process. Most of the time, it never gets to 3 and just stalls on 1 or 2. Sometimes, it will just stay on 3 and attempt to load indefinitely. When they actually do load, I get 3 seconds of video at most, and the video freezes up into a still image. If video does load up, typically 1 or 2 of the cams will load video and the rest will fail. Many times, I will get “Connection failed error code 20015 or 20011”, which seems absurd because the suggested action is to power cycle or force close, neither of which works through the app. When I try to reload the feed, it just hangs on step 1. If I go back to the menu and select the group again, the feeds don’t reload.

All of my cams have an SD card as well. I won’t even bother to explain what happens when I try to watch recorded video. Let’s just say that it’s nearly impossible.

Needless to say, this is incredibly frustrating. I am getting very tired of looking at “Live Stream” and seeing 0.0 kb/s for my bitrate along with an outdated still shot. Our new dog is young, and we are just starting to leave them out back together for short stints to train him on how to behave in the backyard when we are gone. I really need to be able to watch them in real time. The camera group feature is awesome in theory, allowing you to see things move from one camera to another, but in practice it’s buggy and not practical.

System Specs:
9 cameras (4 inside, 5 outside)
8 v2’s, 1 Cam Pan
All firmware current (v2:, Cam Pan:

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know what’s going on here? I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time (admittedly not much money) trying to get these things to work properly, and I’m always fighting this app. I may just need to abandon this project and take the hit for an expensive outdoor camera system. I’ve been trying to go the DIY method with these cams, but if this is how they are going to operate then I have no choice. It may be just me, but it seems like the software never used to be this buggy, and I’ve had more problems than ever recently.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading!

Do you have an Android phone? There’s a bug with SD card playback with the current app revision.

But being unable to view the livestreams, is another problem. It might be your network. Or it might be your phone.


Check your network,
I was starting to have problems and saw that I was getting 2 strong wifi signals on the same channel. One was from a WiFi extender. I eliminated the WiFi extender and it seems to have dramatically improved.


they took my answer for the most part. whats are your network specs like?

speeds, router, extender ( if applicable)

maybe look into a wifi analyzer and see how the surrounding environment is.

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I have this same issue, it doesn’t matter which Wifi I use, still struggle to see Live Streams, connect the camera or even see “Playbacks”. It is so frustrating! It feel like it keeps getting worst.

I saw WYZE stopped firmware updates on 94 version because issues.

I have the same issue with my outdoor camera. I’ve moved it to two different locations and that did not help with the 3-4 second live stream. I have a wyze door bell and three other cameras that don’t have the issue. Is there a solution to this problem? I’m not seeing anything in the community forum.

Thank you.

Since this thread is old and all over the place what is “the same issue” I have 4 outdoor cams and they connect to live stream in 1-2 seconds depending on location, is that to long?

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