Wyze app in the Amazon app store for Fire / Kindle and other devices

I thought the Wyze app worked with Alexa but it turns out that the Wyze cameras do not work with the Alexa app on Android phones. Can this be corrected?

@tandembikeinn I can see the Wyze cameras in the alexa app. You have to enable the Wyze skill and log in to link your Wyze account to alexa.

But can you live view the camera from Alexa app?

You cannot view the camera from the Alexa app if on an android phone.

Yes. I know that. That question was for @towelkingdom. I dont see the point of being able to see the Wyze cameras in the Alexa app but not be able to see the live view of it.

The alexa app isn’t meant for that, and even Amazon’s Ring cameras cannot do that within the alexa app.

If you want that capability in the Alexa app, then you’d need to reach out to Amazon to allow that feature, that is not within Wyze’s control.

Wyze works with Alexa. That means that you can tell alexa to trigger your Wyze products, and view the camera feeds on devices like the echo show and fire tv.


I would like to be able to check the app on my kindle fire… PLEASE ADD APP TO AMAZON STORE!!!


Please add Wyze Cam app to the Amazon Store!


Yes . yes. Yes. I would like wyse app for Amazon fire tablet

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Please add Wyse app for Amazon fire tablet.


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Need wyze on fire tablet

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I’d also appreciate native support for Amazon Fire & Roku. Millions of people would flock.

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I would appreciate it. I use a cheap but powerful Amazon Fire 10 tablet for my cam monitoring.


I don’t see it happening. Wyze is launching everything but the kitchen sink soon, I doubt this is very high on their list.

For cam viewing I bought the app, TinyCam Pro for like $3. It’s easy to set up for one cam. I needed help to set up multiple cams though.

I would like to have a live feed of a single camera such as using it as a baby monitor. The cheapest solution is to purchase a kindle fire because of it’s price. However, I can’t even get the live feed to function on my LG V30 without it freezing after a few moments.

While I would love to see WYZE app on Amazon, I have a better solution for WYZE: Develop your own receiving screen! I am thinking like a digital picture frame screen to be used only for WYZE cameras.


Having amazon fire version would be great. I currently side load the android app on my fire 7 and fire 10 but i get inconsistent results. Everything (i only have v2 cameras) works fine on fire 7. On fire 10 i can’t view event videos but i can see live cameras and playback.
All have most current os, firmware and appware installed. The event review is more important to me than the live view but being able to use the playback helps.

Don’t forget to VOTE at top of this thread.

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wyze: asking us to “vote” for kindle fire use with the wyze app is ridiculous. of COURSE a huge number of people want compatability. most of us BOUGHT our wyze cameras on amazon so it stands to reason that many of us have fire tablets.


To clarify this misunderstanding, wyze is not asking us to vote , the wishlist items are posted by forum members just like you

I would very much appreciate it , if the wyze app would work well with my fire tablets


so when is wyze going to have an app available on fire tablet?

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