Wyze app in the Amazon app store for Fire / Kindle and other devices

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I used the apk for the Kindle fire 4k and it loads but it won’t let you click the sign on button under your password and since there’s no way to use browser support to view cameras online the silk browser is useless and so is my fires stick . Apparently when you use the voice command on fire stick to show wyze cam like on the fire hd10 tablet it doesn’t work either only on the tablet does it work . On my fire tablet I say show wyze porch and boom but fire stick say I don’t understand Why should that be so hard to fix if it already runs on the tablet it should run on the fire stick . Any one else with me . Just my ideas

I support this. Porting it over to the Amazon app store won’t cost much. If you’re not going to do so, at least provide a direct APK download on your website so we can sideload it instead of providing false hope

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I would like to stream to my Amazon Fire tablet.

Please do add to Amazon App Store! I have so many Fire/Alexa devices. I have my camera linked to my Alexa Skill, but won’t bring up display on my Fire devices (which has Alexa built in) only works on Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock. I have the Wyze Cam Pan for a baby monitor. But would love to use it on my Fire tablet as well. Especially for the babysitter, that way I don’t have to have them download the app and login (which they can see when not needed) or I’ll have to leave my phone. Big inconvenience. So please add to Amazon app store! Went through so many expensive baby monitors that don’t work and have very poor quality and the Wyze is amazing. Please help a Momma out over here!

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As a work around, get tiny cam pro from the Amazon app store. It will cost $2.99 but has support for wyze cameras. With this app I’m able to successfully run the camera for days at a time, and can show multi cameras on one screen or manually toggle between one camera at a time full screen, or the app can automatically switch between cameras full screen at a configurable interval. Here are some samples


I am also voting along with hubby! That’s two more to the count! We just purchased an echo show and would love to see the cameras on there. Thanks!

Please add the Wyze app to the Amazon App store. I would love to use my Fire Tablet to view my wyze cameras and sensors. It is currently the cheapest quality 10" tablet.

Another vote for an Amazon app without time limit

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Just voted for this feature! I bought a sweet Wyze webcam for my 80±year-old parents who only have Amazon Alexa devices and an Amazon Kindle to run them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Kindle app!

(BTW did this feature get moved back to #wishlist from #roadmap, since January 29th?)

We split the #roadmap category into #wishlist and #roadmap a while back so better differentiate requests that are actively being developed vs just possibilities. I think that’s what you noticed. You can read more about the categories here:

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I can say “Alexa, ask wyze to show dining room camera” and it displays on my Echo Show 5. So I am wondering if your have the Fire Tablet 8 or 10 and use the Echo Display stands, if it will work there as well. Should basically be an Echo Show with an 8 or 10 inch display at that point.

This is an example of the case:

Now if I could only tell Alexa to show a Wyze Camera Group then I would be good to go.

Another vote for the Amazon/Kindle app store support! Purchased a kindle for dedicated support for the camera to use as intercom.

You guys are amazing though. Rave about you all the time.

Amazing. Thanks for this.

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Yes this needs to be on the kindle amazon store. Im using the wyze cameras as a baby monitor and the 10 minute timeout on my echo show or fire tv is terrible. Would like to leave an app running on my Fire 7 tablet on my Nightstand instead of leaving my phone running the app all night long.

What is the status on this? Crazy cheap amazon tablets for Black Friday. I would like to use as a baby monitor and keep the app on at all times. Wyze any updates?

I don’t see it mentioned here, but the WyzeCam app works fine on any recent Fire tablet that has support for the Google Play store added. I have it open on my 9th gen (2019) Fire 7 as I type this.

If anyone wants to go this route, these are a good set of instructions for doing so:

These are a slight improvement on the instructions I’ve used on several Fire tablets, as they include the tip about disabling auto-updates for apps that exist in both the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play store (such as the Alexa app).

If the WyzeCam app doesn’t use any Google services, it should also work if sideloaded alone (although then updates are something of a problem).


What’s the status here? Not everybody wants to mess with G store.

It is marked as “Maybe-Later.” This means they are not pursuing this wish at this time.

You can install the Google play store by following the instructions on this website https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/amp/

Once it is installed you can simply download the wyze cam app and run it. I have done minor testing on my device and it has been working great.