Wyze app event video clip downloading - only 3 files?

I have six Pan ( and three v2 ( cams. Wyze app (2.5.36) is running on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 9).

Using the Wyze app event Download feature, I am attempting to download several event video clips from my various cameras, then transfer the downloaded clips from my S9 to a PC over USB cable. (for viewing on a larger display)

I have located downloaded clips in “Internal storage > Wyze > Camera > Video”. However, there are never more than 3 files. When I download a fourth clip, it always overwrites one of the first three.

How can I download more than three event clips?

Maybe while waiting for a fix, why not move the previously downloaded files to another place before downloading more?

Well, I was hoping for a more user-friendly solution.

Anyone else experiencing this 3 file download limit?

Or am I missing something…?

This sounds like a bug to me. I would recommend submitting feedback through the app (with logs) and give specific details when you describe it in the feedback. :slight_smile:

I noticed the same… the latest 3 @ Internal storage > Wyze > Camera > Video

I think that storage area is a temp buffer or something along those lines. You can download as many videos as your local storage allows. The actual downloaded videos are stored as .mp4 files @ Internal storage > DCIM


Okay, I found video clip files in DCIM (why not in the Wyze directory?). However, these filenames do not included the MAC address. Filenames in directory Video or shared by email include EPOCH time and MAC address. Without the MAC address, there’s no way to know which camera took the clip without playing each one.

Naming each file with human readable Date-Time-CameraName would be more useful than EPOCH time with MAC address. Current naming is great for engineers, but not user friendly.

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I’m still running earlier app 2.4.82 and firmware and I’m experiencing the same behavior re max 3 files here:


That folder is the 12-sec Event video file cache, clearable via

Wyze app > Account > App Settings > Cache File Size > Clear

Nine months ago when I was testing two cameras extensively it would accumulate hundreds of files corresponding to Events I’d viewed.

As @DreadPirateRush said, it would appear to be a bug.

Wyze confirms that it is by design.