Unable to see beyond 20 Events

I have been using Wyze cameras for awhile now (love them!), and recently had a need to check some event video history, and found out the app does not allow me to view more than the 20 most recent events.

If I scroll down on the Events screen, the little (load more) circle will cycle around perpetually without ever loading additional events. My internet download speed is plenty fast (111 Mbps), so that is not the problem. I know earlier events are recorded, because I can see them throughout the day; example – I can see the 20 most recent events from this morning, but by this afternoon/evening, the app will not allow me to see/access those same events.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app without success. Support had me try restarting all of my cameras, and logging out and restarting the app, and rebooting my phone without success. Support has suggested I install RouteThis and give it full access to my home network/devices, to see if there is an issue with my network. My connectivity and speed are not the problem, and I don’t feel comfortable giving any app (much less one rated so poorly) carte blanche access to my home network, especially when that does not appear to be the problem at all.

This issue arose in the forum last year without resolution (except one user was able to fix the issue by installing an earlier version of the Wyze app; “Event recording limit?" Event recording limit? - #6 by MrV)(FYI, my phone is a Galaxy S10, running Android v11, One UI v3.1; and I am having this problem with both Cam v2 & Cam v3)

Is anyone else currently experiencing this same issue, or did you previously experience it, but find a fix? Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Welcome to the community @DoritosChief . I, like you, am a community member and try to help when I can.

Can you provide the App version you are using?

Also check to make sure there are no filters in place. One thing to try is set a filter, maybe select a camera, and see if the screen refreshes to your filter, then remove all filters and see if you get more events. As you indicated, swiping up should load earlier events in the list for that day. you could also check the previous days to see what is there as well.

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Spamoni4 - Thank you for the outreach and offer to help if possible.

I am using Wyze app v2.26.22

Yes, filtering works, and I can check previous days. In fact, to try and view earlier events for any day (since I can only see 20), I usually try to filter on just one camera, that is triggered by motion. Unfortunately though, there are frequently times when there are more than 20 events in a day, so I can only see the latest.

I am trying to reproduce this on my side, in earlier versions of the app (2.26.22) and in the Beta Release. I am using a Pixel 6 with the Beta App 2.27.14.

I would try to do the Swipe Up, but swipe up further than what you have been, I am sure you have. The other option is to install the Beta App to do a test, you can always go back to the production release afterwards.

If you want to try the Beta App go here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze, and follow the steps for Android.

See the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G on WiFi (and also on cellular) Android 12 phone running Wyze app v2.27.33. My wife Apple iOS phone and a spare/secondary iPhone (on WiFi only) does not have this issue. Thus could be an Android aspect.

OK… so here is a weird aspect. Right after posting… I tried again (but after I exercised my wife and spare Apple iOS phones). Now I am getting more than 20 events on my Android. Hmmmm ???

So… I closed the app on both my wife and my spare Apple phone. Waited a little while (like 5 mins)… and my Android is back to only 20 events.

But… then I did more up swipes… and it seems to stall at first, but now if I keep swiping… I am getting more than 20 events.

If I can get it to break in a repeatable way… I will update this thread.

Noticed that on Android … a “quick” flick swipe up is not sufficient. Hold down the swipe up for a couple of seconds… back to back… sometimes takes about 5 or so attempts, then it triggers it to connect and fetch more.