Event recording limit?

Hello. Ive been using wyze for quite a bit now. I have v2’s and initially i used sd cards for continous recording. Now ive decided to just use the 12sec event recording. I have it event recording on “all day” but i seem to just get the last 20 events of the day.
I’ve searched the web forums and wyze faqs. I have never read that there is a limit to how many events can be recorded. There is the 12sec clip every 5min cooldown and 14day cloud storage, but nothing about maximum events recorded per day.
I hope someone can enlighten me about this or maybe wyze can shed light on the issue.

Hello @RoS and welcome to the community

The reason it only pulls up the last 20 events of the day is because it defaults to pulling up 20 at a a time. If you would like to see more just scroll down and when you reach the bottom 20 more will load. You can keep going down until the whole day is loaded.


Thank you Jason.


Only 20 events load for me. Scrolling down does not load any more events.

Welcome MrV. When you get down to the bottom of the list of 20 Events, to see additional Events, drag the screen up for a few seconds (put one finger on the display, pull up and hold it for 2-3 seconds and let go).

That used to work. It doesn’t anymore. I see the rotating circle that usually indicates more is loading, but even after holding the screen up for over a minute no more events will load despite the fact that there were many more events earlier in the day. this problem appears to have started since I upgraded to the latest version of the Android app. For the days prior to the upgrade, those events will continue to load when pulling up on the screen.

I downgraded to app version 2.10.80 and events now load the next 20 with an up-scroll as it did before upgrading to 2.15.21, so the lack of event loading is related to the latest version of the app.

Im using v2.15.21 and scrolling up works to load the events.

Are you running ISO or Android?

I’m at my reply limit of 3 for new users in this forum (stupid rule, yes?) so I won’t be able to respond any further except for editing this reply. Here’s my reply:

Okay, so we’re both on Android (I’m on Oreo 8) so it is either related to the Android version, or something about my particular device or setup. I’ll try completely uninstalling and reinstalling and see if that makes a difference.

Android 11