Wyze app crashing when trying to save / share events

We got an alert of a prowler last night and I can’t save or share the clip because the wyze app (android v2.29.0(114) keeps crashing back to the main screen when i click the download clip or share clip button on the video

wyze cam outdoor with solar panel addon
android v2.29.0 (114)

Try to clear the cache and log out of app power cycle your device then log back in


I have the latest Android app version and latest Base Station and WCO firmwares.
I was able to download saved Events but after getting Cam Plus (or the updates), I’m getting the same issue. App crashes when trying to download saved cloud Events.

I restarted my phones, cleared cache from the Wyze app, restarted WCO, restarted Base Station, still crashes when trying to download.

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I assumed that this service would work as expected after signing up 4 cameras to Cam Plus. I have been trying to save and share short clips (<10 seconds) from a few days ago on two different phones. After saving a few successfully, the app then begins to crash or return to the main screen without saving any video.
The videos are of sentimental value as we just lost a dear family pet and want to reclaim some memories. I guess I should be glad I’m not trying to save video of suspicious activity like a break in, as this lesson has taught me not to trust this Cam Plus service at all. I will try to play back the videos on one of my phones and screen capture them if possible.
I will continue to update firmware, reboot, reset and clear caches and try different phones in a hope to retrieve these videos. I am now looking into on site backup and if need be an alternative to Wyze products and services.
Has anyone had success with an onsite backup for Wyze cams? I was such an advocate for this brand until recent events which have made the cameras and Cam Plus useless. At the very least the web view interface should allow event downloads and playback saving options.