Wyze App Crashes

I have the Wyze app running on an old Android phone of mine ( Android 6.0.1) 24 hours a day. I have several cameras in my house, but I mostly have my Wyze Cam Pan running with the app. I am pretty diligent about making sure both the app and the device are always updated with the latest software/firmware updates. My problem is that I often find the Wyze app has crashed (several times a week) and the only error that it gives is “unfortunately wyze has stopped working”. After I reset the app everything is fine and things go back to normal until the next time that it happens. Slightly annoying…any thoughts?

Send a support request, include a log file???

The Wyze app works on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The Wyze app requires Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

Although it support those version and higher; but for Android, there could be more variation from different device manufacturer that could affect apps performance, since on Android even though different device have the same Android version, depending on the manufacturer, the processor, memory, etc… and even the user interface itself could be customized by the manufacturer.

I think its unlikely that Wyze is testing their app on devices that were release on the market before Wyze company started, so if your device is that old, even it had the OS version supported by the app, they might still just suggest you to use/buy a newer device for stable operation of the Wyze app.

Unless you have need for something in a FW update DON’T update. If it works keep it as long as you can.

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The only bad thing about that is you won’t get any security fixes that may be in the FW. My practice is usually to update one and see how it goes then update the rest.

I would deem security a valid update reason. But all my cams are watching outside or things like the sump pump.