Wyze App control of floodlights from a single management control panel

Request that the Wyze app is enhanced to provide easy control of the Wyze Floodlight. At present, adjustment to the floodlight requires that the user click through 4 screens on the Wyze app in order to simply adjust the brightness of the floodlight. These same steps are required in order to do any additional adjustments to the floodlight level. I have 8 floodlight/cams. It would be preferable to be able to easily adjust individual lights as well as adjust all of them in one single step.

Requested services from the floodlight control screen are:

  • Ease of navigation to a floodlight management panel. Very few people own only one floodlight. On this control panel…
  • Adjust the on/off, brightness level, and/or temperature of any number of floodlights a user may own with simple slider buttons (I own 5 at one home and 3 at another home.) on a single management panel/page.
  • Enable/disable camera functions on the same control panel
  • Grouping of floodlights by home and/or room.
  • Integration with Apple Home and other home automation systems.