Adding Dual Bright motion for the Floodlight Home Security Camera setting in the App to save Energy

I am Wyze fan products.
I just bought 4 Wired Outdoor Wi-Fi Floodlight Home Security Camera,
However the app has a setting to adjust the flood lights brightness which form 1% to %100
i would say 1000 lum to 2600 lum,

1- The issue is if the light is set to %100, the camera will not capture the image of the person clearly . The person face will glow white, dimming the light will capture the face image better but it defeats the purpose of full illumination .

2- In a residential area where your neighbor across the street is only 40 feet away, setting the light to max will light up the street and his bedroom.

In my driveway i have defiant Bluetooth led dual bright motion sensor, the only issue it is not smart and i can’t turn it off from the app.
When i drive up my driveway I like my floodlight to be set to %80, and when no activity would like it to dim to %1.

I believe that this Wyze flood light and the app could have more potential, adding two Brightness Level control, one is the default setting without any motion or activity (idle mode) .
Second Level when the motion is trigger / CAMERA detection is activated.
This will solve both issues the camera Capture and Energy saving.

let me know if this is possible in the near future or if there some sort of automation rule can be added to the accessory when the camera is triggered.


I would also add that being able to schedule the floodlight to have different occupied and unoccupied levels based on time of day would be nice. Example between 0600 and 2200 if occupied go to 80%, if unoccupied go to 20%. Between 2200 and 0600 if occupied go to 50%, if unoccupied go to 0%.

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