Wyze app 2.50 app Beta #2 Test 3/13/2024


  • Android: 2.50.0.b415

  • iOS: 2.50.0(6)

What’s new:

  • Updated the Friendly Faces feature with a better face management and notification experience

  • Enahnced the Monitoring tab’s UI

Note: For those on Cam Plus Unlimited, if using the beta app, the livestream on my.wyze.com and camera attaching will not be available until the public (non-beta) release of Wyze app .2.50


What does this mean exactly?

“Note: For those on Cam Plus Unlimited, if using the beta app, the livestream and camera attaching will not be available until the public (non-beta) release of Wyze app .2.50”

Are us unlimited folks going to lose the ability to view our cams if we update?


So by using this beta my cams won’t live stream at all? If so, I’ll skip on it.


Something does not sound right…


I just got further info on the note and will be updating it. If you run this beta you will not be able to livestream over my.wyze.com until the production release.


Thanks for the update.

That still does not make sense. What does your phone app version have to do with the web view? I would understand it if it were a camera firmware version, but not an app version.
BTW, not that use the web view very often…

Wow, but how does that work?
What if I update my android but not my apple?
How does the app used in one device affect the servers and my PC viewing cams whose firmware hasn’t changed?
Not saying it wont, but how?
Seems odd.

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The new friendly faces UI is pretty cool! It’s got some nice new features and is definitely faster than the old one.

There’s also a way to mark someone as part of your family. I wonder what that does?

It has a face scanner now, to add faces. I am yet to test that it looks cool.


There is really cool new features in monitoring tab also!

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A bug I found:

If you click on a known face, click edit face details, then check the family checkbox, the save button does not turn green and become active. It only does if you change the name.

Editing the state of that checkbox should also activate the button.

Log ID: 1347911


Another thing is there’s a new “Reset Services” button in each cameras settings.

This button is actually useful, it resets the AI and event recording settings to default and supposedly rebinds subscriptions. It seems like a valuable troubleshooting tool. I wish the info modal was edited to make it more clear that it edits settings though


It would seem then, that updating to this on one device will make some changes at the server end on the account.

So then, how will that affect other devices on our account that we don’t update if we do update one?

Is the greyed out PlayBack button in Events being addressed in this Beta 2 version?

Anybody care to post any screenshots of new differences in this app?

It’s not available to me on Android yet, but I do admit the disclaimer does make me hesitate. :joy:

I don’t use the web portal too often, but what does it mean by “camera attaching” will not be available? I won’t be able to install new cameras? I won’t be able to add cameras to Cam Plus? I’m not totally sure what that means, and I don’t know how long before the public release of the 2.50 app, so it does give some hesitation for sure.

(Edit: rereading the note, I think the camera attaching just means adding cameras to/from cam plus unlimited)

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I couldn’t get the face scanner thing to work though

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Dang, I was going to ask you if it changes how many face profiles you can have or why it’s asking if they are part of your family or not. What difference does that make?

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You did screenshots from an iOS device, correct?

Asking as I have the Android version and there is a solutely no change in facial recognition area. :slight_smile:

@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeAndy , was something missed here?

Here is the version I have on Android

And here is friendly faces

I have it on my iOS device and it looks vastly different.

@IEatBeans ,where are you seeing those screens? I was looking at my iPhone and don’t see what you see.


Not sure when this started but events fill the screen rather than use the aspect ratio when viewed in landscape