Wyze app 2.50 app Beta #2 Test 3/13/2024

Still only 10. Idk what the family thing is for.

It appears that people using HMS or cam protect don’t get the new monitoring tab UI yet.

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I told Google not to update this automatically, but I guess it did so anyway.

I don’t see any difference so far on Android though.

So, @IEatBeans you don’t have HMS?

No I don’t

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Wyze app 2.50.0(6). IOS 16.7.5 on iPhone X
App installed automatically last night. When I accessed a cam V3 from within a cam group, I could view it in “live” mode but it would not switch to “playback mode” when I selected “View Playback”. I have Unlimited Cam+ for all my cams. After I accessed the cam’s settings > Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card, I was able to begin viewing the playback videos. This applied to all 9 of my V3 cams. The CamOG’s were not affected.
Log: 1348817

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I kinda like what you are showing. :slight_smile:

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Because there are some behnd the scenes changes that start once you update to the beta. That back end change breaks my.wyze.com until the new version of that is released.


Any chance on sharing when the new version of that is going to be released :innocent:

I will say, that I updated to the Beta app, and my access to my.wyze.com/live is still working as normal. So I take it this “will not work with” disclaimer is only a limitation on new cams that are added to my account from now on, but all the cams I already had on there before I updated to the new beta will still continue to function on the web portal as long as I don’t try to remove them from Cam Plus? Because they’re all still working for me.

WHat is interesting is the display you get when you click on HMS. It is a decent look, to me. I did not realize you could utilize HMS in that fashion without a Subscription to the service. Live and Learn :slight_smile:

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Is this always going to be like this?

Seems like it would make sense for all users to have access to this new monitor tab UI and features, and if they upgrade to HMS they will unlock additional features.

I’m guessing that’s the plan?

@WyzeJasonJ Another bug in the new monitoring tab.

The little timeline thing below the 4 camera grid, when you scroll back to the past it starts at the top of the hour. Right now it’s 6:33 PM. If I scroll back even the tiniest bit it’s 6:59 PM, which no events exists because it’s in the future. I have to scroll back farther to get to 6:33 and earlier.


I just wish I could turn off the "ding"for contact sensor on the monitoring tab. The Tune Settings is gone.

There is no where to disable the sound completely. You used to be able to.

Are you subscribed to HMS? If not, that could be the issue.

I just checked and mine still has the ability to turn off the tune sound.

IEatBeans, I had assumed that was on HMS, but you say you don’t have HMS. So where are you seeing the screen posts that you did before you posted the Faces part (which I don’t care about)?

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Those are in the monitoring tab. This new app seems to unlock the monitoring tab for cam plus unlimited subscribers, but for HMS or cam protect subscribers nothing changes in that tab.


OK. Never even looked at that since I don’t have HMS.


I am not. I noticed it when my subscription stopped. I was just hoping it would come back. I feel like that’s not a subscription feature.

I am seeing the update monitoring tab but my friendly faces tab does not look any different from previous app versions. Anyone have any suggestions? On Android 2.5.0 (b415)

I think Wyze is still working on something for the friendly faces update on the backend for Android.