Wyze App 2.47 Beta Testing 10/26/2023


  • Android: 2.47.0.b371
  • iOS: 2.47.0(1)
    What’s New:
  • Added support for Trust Device when using Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Added support for a “Battery Usage“ reminder pop up when clicking the microSD card button for Wyze Battery Cam Pro
  • Optimized Event Recording logic for Wyze Cam OG
  • Optimized album permissions for Wyze Cam OG on iOS 14 and above (iOS Only)
  • Bug fixes

I am experiencing a loading issue with the thumbnail show. It only loads a few thumbnails (presumably what is loaded when it first starts gathering the thumbnails) but after that it shows more thumbnails on the timeline scrubber but the image only ever stays as the previous loaded thumbnail. I hope that makes sense.

This is happening on both the thumbnail show and timeline within that same UI.

I did previously experience this through the show it’s self (meaning it was just playing the same image again and again while the timeline moved) but I cannot get it to play this time.

I did not experience this issue when it was pre released in beta. This has only been a problem since it was fully released earlier this week.

Log ID 1216628

EDIT: I contacted support and gave them a newer log number. I went through troubleshooting steps with them and I got a very short temporary fix. After I removed my camera and reconnected to the app it seemed to work for a few minutes before reverting back to issues with the thumbnail show. They have sent my ticket to the engineers.

I’m not seeing the option for trusted devices under the account tab on IOS. Others have shown that there is a tab on android.

I just looked at my iOS device running the latest beta release 2.47 and I see trusted devices under My Account in the Security section. First option.


That’s so weird. I don’t have any of those security options (though I know I did in the past).

I also see you don’t have the “signed in using” or whatever thing.

What app version are you on?
I’m on 2.47.0 (1)


If I log in with username and password instead of google then I see all those options. I also don’t see the logged in using thing.

I think carver sent a SS showing him logged in with google and those options, so maybe it’s a weird IOS bug? Can anyone else confirm?

The My Account page options change based on how the app is logged in. Many of the options available when logged in using User\Pass are removed when logged in using the Google or Apple OAuth. For example, it is impossible to modify 2FA options unless logged in using the Username\Password method.

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I just joined BETA users. How do I obtain a new (or old) beta version for testing something?

Beta App updates will come thru your Google Play Store.

Beta Firmware will come thru the App OTA Firmware Update process.

Go to the Account Tab, About, Beta Program and be sure to designate which cams you want to include in Beta Updates. The Beta App has to be enabled to get Beta Firmware updates.

Some Cams have Auto Update defaulted to on in the Device Settings Firmware page (V3, V3Pro, others) so you may want to check those settings if you want to control your updates.


I am on the same version as you.

What is this referring to?

I never use the Sign In with Google. Created an account years ago and never changed.

If you were to sign into the App using the Google Account OAuth, the Account page will show an entry “Signed in with” and the Google logo. It will then hide your ability to edit your 2FA preferences.

Logging in via Username\Password 2FA:

Logging in via Google OAuth:


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