Wyze App 2.45, Wyze Battery Cam Pro, and Wyze Cams v2 and Pan Updates - 9/14/23

Wyze app 2.45, Wyze Battery Cam Pro, and Wyze Cams v2 and Pan all have updates today! These add new login features, add Home Monitoring compatibility for Wyze Battery Cam Pro, and fix a bunch of bugs like Error Code 3001! :bug:

Release Versions:

Wyze Battery Cam Pro:
Wyze Cam v2 gradual release:
Wyze Cam Pan v1 gradual release:

Read our Release Notes:


Installed the app on my Android Devices without issues.

Now Installing the app on iOS


Installed on iOS without issue, will start testing


The issue of the app losing track of where the user was in the events list after viewing an event and instead displaying the most recent 20 events has been fixed in this release. Thank you! :smiley:


Android: is working great for me. I don’t do anything complicated just check Live View, Cloud Event Videos and SD Card videos.

Please post your IOS experience with this App version if anyone is testing.


Oh thank heavens. I was starting to lose my sanity having to do the whole: scroll - pause - scroll - pause - scroll - just to try to find 1 video, guess wrong, and have to do it all over again from scratch :scream:


Updated to the new App. So far so great! :+1:

Didn’t ask me to log back in, so that is good. :+1:

Returning to previous spot in Events List is fixed, so that is good. :+1:

Grouping the VDBv1 no longer causes the other cams in other groups to fail loading, so that is good. :+1:

Really liking the consolidated Event Recording and Device Notifications page with the dual column check boxes :ballot_box_with_check: for the Event Recording and Notifications all on the same page for the OG cams! I think I recall suggesting that in the past. :thinking: Hoping it is well received and then rolled into ALL cam models!

EDIT UPDATE: Found it. :point_down:

It was actually @SaidWhatWhen who first mentioned combining the two settings pages together:

I just modified it with the columns:

But both columns on the right works too!


Over the last 10 days, I had created a series of 12 hour timelapse videos on one of my OG cams, and had downloaded those on my phone, except for the last one created during the day today.

Then I updated the Android app to 2.45.0 (342) from 2.44.

Then I went to download the latest OG timelapse video, and all of the already downloaded timelapse videos are gone (about 15 of them) - it still shows that they can be downloaded, so I will need to re-download them all over again.

The downloaded OG timelapse files are never visible in the Android photo gallery app (unlike the V3 timelapse videos), and you can only find and play them in the “album” area of each separate OG camera. Rather than being saved to the DCIM folder in Android where the Android photo gallery is located, the timelapse files are found buried in the Android/data/com.hualai/files/Movies/DCIM/wyze/… folder.

I expect that installing the update, wipes this Android/data album storage area that is only visible from the app. I probably should have expected this.

This does mean that if you are counting on already downloaded OG timelapse files from the past to be available, you should occasionally use your Android FileExplorer app, to locate and copy/move the OG timelapse times to some other place (like into the Android photo gallery DCIM folder), or you could be spending a LONG time re-downloading all your OG timelapse files again. They will still be on your OG cam, but you need to re-download them from the camera again, which is a slow process.

Thanks for posting a screenshot, I lent out my OG’s to someone to try out and haven’t reactivated them on my own account yet, so I was interested to see how it looked. :+1:

I think they should change it from “Tag” to something else that indicates “detect” because nowadays people often colloquially use the word “Tag” to mean notify…such as saying “will you TAG me when that happens.” I mean, technically you’re just labeling/tagging their call sign/username and their preferences then send a notification, but I see a lot of people on social media now say to “tag me” when they mean to “notify me” so having Tag and notify as the 2 options has potential for misunderstanding.

Thanks for checking Seapup!
This has been a REALLY aggravating bug on the Android side for months now.
If you had lots of events on CAM+, the constant scrolling to get where you left off was a pain!


Both IOS and the Android versions of this App are working great for me. I don’t do anything complicated just check Live View, Cloud Event Videos and SD Card videos. I do have Record Sounds off, so I can not speak for sound quality. I do give a Thumbs Up on both IOS and Android versions of this App for the things I listed above.

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The latest update for the Battery Cam Pro said it improves the yellow-ish image quality. I personally think it needs more yellow, because when I look with my eyes at what the camera is looking at the colors are more vibrant, but through the camera it’s very dull and this update will make my camera image quality even worse. Right now I can’t seem to get this update to load as it keeps failing. I’ve tried over 10 times and still won’t upgrade. The camera has around 80% of charge and a strong Wifi connection.

Loving this new app and the fix it brought to viewing events. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Hi @Resist,
I’m sorry about the image quality issue. Could you send me a few photos captured by your battery cam pro vs other cameras so that we could compare?
Regarding the livestream keeps failing issue, would you mind sending me an app log and date & time when the camera stopped connecting?


So does this latest update for Battery cam pro allow me to use the SD card that I installed (like on the earlier camera versions)?


No, not in this update. Wyze has indicated that SD card support should hit beta testing later this month (Sep) or next (Oct).

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Did anyone update their Wyze Cam V2 to the new 2351 version? I finally got my gradual release update notice but haven’t seen anyone mentioning how the new version works.

I have 3 of these cams. They all updated with no issue. I truly can’t see much diff. However, I have not explored the interface for new features nor have I tested such things as resolution or response times or if the camera responds more quickly to pull up live image upon access. So… it works (for me) the same as before the firmware update.


Thanks! That’s all I need to know.

Just updated both my V2s and so far so good.

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Updated 8 cams several days ago (one by one) with no apparent detriment or benefit.


Except for a more frequent

Error Code 20 - Failed to connect

on a particular cam when displayed in a group.