Notifications and Record Events Interactions -- Advice and Suggestions

In the Wyze phone app on a camera’s Settings screen you will find two submenus: Event Recordings and Notifications. Be aware that notifications you check on the Notifications submenu will NOT be sent if you do not also toggle the corresponding “Detects Motion” or “Detects Sound” switches on the Event Recordings menu.

As a user, I expected that because these are separate menus each with buttons I can toggle, that it is possible to a) record an event but not be notified about it (Wyze supports that) and b) get a notification about an event without recording the event (not supported). My suggestion is that if the corresponding Event Recordings buttons are not checked, then the submenu items on Notifications menu should be grayed out. For example, since I have Cam Plus, “Detects Person” would be grayed out on the Notifications menu until I check “Detects Motion” on the Event Recordings menu. Or better, combine the two menus, with Event Recordings buttons at the top and Notifications options below, again grayed out if the Event Recording buttons are not toggled.


Oh yeah, and the Video Doorbell’s menus for recording, detection and notification are set up quite differently from the Camera’s menus, which is also very confusing. The user should not have to effectively learn two different user interfaces for what is essentially the same function.

Couldn’t agree more. This has been suggested previously as it was realized some time ago that some of the AI notification toggles (for cams with this individual toggle feature) were not dependant on the AI recording toggles. I have asked in the past "How am I able to turn on Person Detection Notifications if I’m not Detecting or Recording Person AI Events?

That is an excellent suggestion! I would vote for it! Perhaps submit a post to the Wishlist for this! I would like to see the two toggles on the same line. Detection toggle on the left column, description in the center, notification toggle on the right.

Please elaborate. I have the VDBv1 and the menus you listed are nearly identical to my other cams for similar features. Please note though, not all cams have the same features and therefore will have feature variations as it pertains to that specific cam.

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@SlabSlayer I like your suggestions about how to combine the menus. As to differences between doorbell and camera, it is on the the Notifications menus. The camera allows granular toggles for pets, packages, person…, while the doorbell has generic “detects Wyze AI Events” toggle.

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The granular “AI Specific” notifications toggles you described are being developed and tested on specific cams individually over time. They get added to each cam version in a firmware update. Right now, it is only available on a couple cams. The WCPv1 is one of them. I think the V2 might have been another but don’t hold me to that! Not sure about the WCPv2. The doorbell isn’t one to have received it yet.

I’m not sure which cam you are using that does have those features.

The next cam that will be getting this feature is the Flagship V3. That firmware is in it’s 4th round Beta build and is in Release Candidate testing.

As for the “off” toggles in Detection Settings not overriding the Notification toggles, this is also the case in the V3 Beta FW. I just posted the issue in the Beta thread tonight when I tested the feature for the V3 Beta FW.