Video Doorbell Specified AI Event Notifications

Is there a way to only be notified of specified AI Events? I would like to record all AI Smart Detection Events; Person Detection, Package Detection, Vehicle Detection and Pet Detection, but only get notifications for Person Detection and Pet Detection. In the Event Recording section of the app, I can toggle individual Smart Detection items, but in the Notifications section there’s a single toggle for Detects Waze AI Events. Can I keep recordings on for everything, but only be notified of individual kinds of events? Windy days with constant reminders of parked cars are the worst.

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No. The VDBv1 Firmware has not yet been updated to allow for the toggling of notifications for specific AI events like is available in other cams that have been updated with this capability.

Currently, notifications for AI events in the VDBv1 is all or nothing. All recorded and uploaded Smart AI Events or none.

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Is Wyze planning on changing this soon? I’m running into this myself when a car is parked or a package is at my door and a bush sways.

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