Notifications vs Event recordings

This is going to fit in the ancient history department. Keep in mind that I activated my first Wyze cameras just over five years ago. I have had uSD cards in every camera since day one and always set to continuous recording. I get scads of cloud event records every day. With CamPlus, I now have some more detailed control of what creates an event.

As I recall in the REALLY early days, notifications and event recording were locked together - i.e. you get one, you get the other. The only way to not gets hundreds (or thousands) of event notifications on your phone was to completely turn off Wyze notifications. I have been set that way ever since.

As I have recently discovered, Event recordings and notifications apparently are no longed locked together. You can record events without getting notifications - but not the other way around.

Two questions, Am I remembering the REALLY early days correctly that event recording and notifications were locked together? Second is am I correct on how it now works?

BTW, I still don’t want notifications, just wanting to understand how it works now - as opposed to WAY back long ago.

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You have been using Wyze longer than I have and I am also using cam plus light. I have notifications set up for only person but all motion is recorded to the cloud and I can go to events and filter what I look at.

I am glad that notifications and motion event recording are no longer tied together if that’s the way it used to be.

BTW, I only have one iPad that I leave near my bed to be alerted of persons around my house late at night. My other mobile devices I have Wyze notifications completely turned off

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As much as I remember, users always had the choice of getting notifications or not from cloud camera events. Camera motion notifications are triggered from cloud events, so no cloud events = no notifications.

I have a few cameras that have event recording to the cloud enabled for a backup to the SD card recordings, but I have notifications disabled because I don’t need notifications for each event on these cameras.

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I haven’t been using Wyze Cams as long as you, but when I started there was no way to shut off notifications for individual types of AI events. It was either be notified of all uploaded AI events or none. But, there was still a way to upload without notifications.

Since the server pushes the notification, if it doesn’t get the recorded event upload, it can’t send the notification (or not send it). So, yes, the other way around won’t work. You can’t be notified without an uploaded recorded event.

Correct. But the granular ability to designate which Events are uploaded (All Motion or Smart Detection AI Only) and which uploaded Events produce a Push Notification (all motion, individual AI Categories, Sound categories, etc) depends on the Cam and the firmware it is on. This started in the V2 firmware then the PanV1 and has since rolled thru to the V3, PanV2 and other cams. But, it isn’t available on all cams or on cams with older firmware.