My event riles stop working. Events not triggered

I have a rule created to turn on my campan from 11pm-6am.
Then when motion detected, turn on notification and turn on a Wyze smart plug which turns on a light.

When motion detected, light is turning on but the event is not being recorded. SonInlmow
My rule is working.

I have the same identical rule setup for sound.

Both rules use to work great. Not sure when or why the event recording stopped working. I only use event recording. Not the cloud or SD card.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I deleted and recreated these rules. Same results.

Why are you having the rule toggle notifications on when motion is detected? If you have the notifications on in the settings when the cam is on, it won’t notify you unless motion is detected. Turning it on after motion is detected introduces the possibility of not being notified for the initial event. After this first motion, the notifications stay on anyway so that when the next motion event triggers, it is turning the already ON notifications ON again.

Event recording is Cloud Recording. Any thumbnail or video that shows up in the Event Tab was uploaded by the cam to the cloud.

  • What are the Event Recording settings on the cam?
  • Do you have a schedule set in Event Recording?
  • Do you have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite assigned to the cam?
  • What are the Smart Detections settings?
  • In the Events Tab, have you cleared the filters?
  • Are you getting notifications of AI Smart Events or Motion Events?

You had stated that you have a rule set to schedule this. You should not need to schedule this in two different places as they may conflict with each other rather than being redundant.

If you use the Cam schedule, remove the schedule from the Rule. If you use the Rule schedule, remove the schedule from the cam settings.

This should be producing an event thumbnail Snapshot for every movement in the Events tab during the scheduled time. Be sure there are no filters set in the Events filters page that might be keeping these from showing.

Not sure how you have an option for Person Detection if you don’t have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite. Person detection is only available on the WCPv1 with a subscription to CP or CPL. If you are getting PD tags on motion events, count yourself lucky. It may be a holdover from Legacy PD on your account.

Use of an SD card is unrelated and unrestricted by any subscription. The SD settings are in the Advanced Settings.

Event recording is still “free” without a subscription. However it changed significantly about a year ago from the legacy plans. Without a subscription you will get only snapshot thumbnails, no videos, no Smart AI detection, and a mandatory 5 minute cooldown lockout between uploaded thumbnail snapshots. CamPlus Lite can be subscribed for Free, it adds 12s video uploads and Person Detection.