Struggling to create consistent camera operation using rules

I am a new Wyze camera user. I am struggling to set up my cameras for consistent operation using rules.

I simply want to have my cameras record, video to the cloud, with notification, when motion is detected.

I created the rules in the attached image. Are they all needed?

I do not want to trigger record or notification based on sound or anything else. However currently the camera is recording 3 times each time. A minute apart. Motion, scene, sound.

Any help as to what I’m doing wrong and or where I can go to find more info about setting these cameras up.

Currently these camera and the associated rules seem very in consistent.

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Hi @slotcarguy, welcome to the community!

Rules are not necessary for the basic functions of recording motion events and sending notifications. They allow additional automation of multiple devices like turning on a light when motion is detected, or disabling notifications between certain hours. You can probably disable any camera Rules you have set up for now, then edit or re-enable them later once you have the basics working.

To record events when motion is detected you’ll just need to enable Event Recording:

To make sure you get notifications of those recorded events check your notification settings:

Let us know if you’re still having issues. There’s a lot of good info in the Support section.