Idiotic 'Motion Detection' and 'Event Recording' in V3 cameras

It’s super concerning how this app keeps getting more and more user un-friendly…

Why do I have to redundantly turn off ‘Notifications’ and ‘Event Recording’ to then make a rule to turn them back on during the times I want notifications and events to be recorded. What is the purpose of having ‘Notifications’ and ‘Event recording’ tabs anymore if they have to be turned off for my rule to work, sorting through multiple tabs you would think notifications and event recording would fall under, but it’s now essentially under ‘rules’… It’s just added confusion, redundancy and headache for no reason…

It used to be easy, click off ‘all day’ notifications/recordings and select specified timeframe, done. And both were actually under their respective tabs.

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Thought about this a bit. What I am reading is that you have rules set up to turn on event recording and notifications at specific times, but you have to manually turn your notifications and event recording off in order for them to work.

If you turn off Event Recording for a cam, you shouldn’t have to also turn off Notifications. With the lack of uploaded videos also comes the lack of notifications. It won’t hurt anything to do both, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

The problem may be in the Schedule Rule. Can you post a screenshot of that rule?

Schedule rules operate in a unique way. They will execute an action at the start time and the OPPOSITE of that rule at the end time.

For example, if you want to turn on your Event Recording and Notifications for your Front Porch Cam (my cam in the example) between the hours of 6am and 6pm when you are perhaps away, this is what the Schedule Rule should look like. Motion Detection and Notifications will go on at 6am and then back off at 6pm. There should be no need for you to manually turn them off outside of the 6am to 6pm schedule block. The schedule does that for you. They should stay off until 6am the next day when the schedule turns them back on. If you do happen to turn it on manually outside the schedule block, the rule should still operate properly and keep them on at 6am.

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Just make your rule’s schedule or shortcut turn off motion detection. That will effectively disable event recording and notifications in one shot.

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