V3 Cam no scheduled notifications?

My v2 cams are ok but my v3 has lost the option to have notifications only happen during a certain time frame. It’s under settings then event recordings. The v2 has all day or if you unselect it you can designate a start and stop time. The v3 cams only has detect motion and detect sound on or off. The schedule is completely gone! Anyone else have this? Why would they take that away. It was invaluable

This was removed because you can set this up with scheduled rules in the app.

You mentioned notifications and event recording, but those are two different settings. Event recording (detect motion, detect sound) setting allows your cam to save clips to the cloud, whereas notifications are triggered from events clips when they are uploaded to the cloud.


Didn’t know it was moved to rules. Thanks getting messages every time my dog ran by it in the middle of the day was driving me crazy!

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Your welcome! Imo rules has always been a thing, and having the the setting under “event recording” was kind of redundant, but it was really nice having it right there for ease. But it’s also nice to visit the rule page and see all my rules listed in one place to see whats changing and when.