Wyze app 2.45 Beta Test 8/21/2023

Changed default browser from brave to Samsung browser and was able to successfully log in.
Thank you!

Thank you all for the confirmation, looks like the Brave browser is our biggest culprit. We are working on a true fix so the work around is not needed but I am glad we found a way to get everyone logged in until then.


Good idea, but unfortunately, the forum software doesn’t provide us a way to sticky a post within a topic. Creating a beta status page would be something that would be up to the beta development team.


I had to login again. Kind of caught me by surprise.

Chrome on samsung s23

Same here!

which cameras?

@WyzeJasonJ I had to log in again this morning. I had not logged out.

I am on Android version

I can understand (kind of) forcing a new login after installing a new app version. But I don’t want to have login randomly during the day when I have not logged out.


I had this happen as well.

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The only thing I can think of is Wyze performed a forced logout on the server side.

I’ve only had to sign in once so far.

For the issue of not being able to log in when Brave is set as your default browser we have identified a setting in Brave that is causing it. To be able to log in with Brave as the default browser you must go into Brave settings > Brave shields & privacy > Allow app links to open in apps outside of Brave. This will allow the app to login through Brave.


I just updated to the latest iOS 17 beta and the Wyze app issue is now resolved.

Thanks for the info, made the change in Brave.
Why isn’t the login just handled through the app itself?

I am not sure the specifics on why it isn’t, I do not know if it has to do with the addition of the third party log in options or not.


As one other person had said, I had the issue today of having the log back in despite not having had logged out. In the many minutes I’ve been using our stuff I’ve not had that one happen except for the time they logged us out on the back and for the security update.

And again it went through the web page not the app. Although It sounds like that’s by design now.


Update 8/24/23 of CamOG beta
CamOG 1.0.67 iPhone X.
App 2.45.0 (3)
The issue of no events and no notifications continues to be a problem. I could find no consistent cause or solution since last reported. I finally determined today that the app only records a “person” event and issues the “person” notification when the app is open and displaying a “live” view of the cam. In all other situations, the SD card does record that a person has been detected and recorded on the card, but the app does not show an event nor is a notification sent. I have done everything I can to the app and to the cam to solve the problem. I did not delete the cam and reinstall it because it is mounted high on the house eve; however, I did cycle power many times with a smart plug.

Log 1154285

Update 8/27/23: I deleted and reinstalled the Cam OG twice via Bluetooth. The issue of no events remains when the App is closed but still running.

Update 8/28/23: After several hours of testing I think I found the code logic problem.

When the code was written to change the Event Recording user interface for the Cam OG to match the one for the Cam V3, a code error occurs when the selection is changed from the default “All Motion Events” to “Smart Detection Events”. The resulting effect is as follows after the App’s interface is closed but the App is still running.

If “All Motion Events” has been selected, the App correctly records a Motion event and a Person event, as applicable.

If “Smart Detection Events” has been selected and Person is designated, no event is recorded or reported, as applicable (if the App has been closed). However, if the App is open and displaying a live Cam OG screen, the Person event is recorded and reported, as applicable.

I have 10 Cam V3s and the code works correctly for them. The application of the same user interface as written for the Cam OG is an unexpected software feature (a bug).



I believe thisnis being discused, but I had to log into the beta app again this morning.

I am using my Android device.


Happened to me yesterday evening.
I wonder if they updated something on the server side and reset the authentication.

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Maybe, but this has been happening only on Android for me and seems to be daily since I installed the beta.