Wyze App 2.26 Released! - 11/11/21

Hi, Forum Friends!

Wyze app 2.26 is releasing today! This adds support for products like Wyze Cam Floodlight, a new heart rate measurement feature for Wyze Scale S, and a place for feedback and development sneak peeks in Home Monitoring Settings. :partying_face:

Read our Release Notes:


Got all excited when I opened the app after installing the update. The WYZE splash screen is in landscape mode when you first start the app!

But then the app reverts to useless on my iPad portrait mode. Crap. I thought maybe, just maybe, they finally delivered on something they said they were working on for the last three or four years. Nope. Still runs only in portrait mode. Millions of other apps work in landscape mode, but not Wyze. :frowning:

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Please, please, PUH-LEAAAZE bring back the previous non-color bulb UI. The most recent interface is so unwieldy, nonsensical, and clumsy. I’ve already had several inadvertent global color temperature changes this week even though I had only selected a single bulb.

Why must we always get problems to solutions that were never needed? That’s the Microsoft way… :roll_eyes:


but, in a win for the Wyze app:

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Totally agree. I’ve been using wyze on my android tablet at lunch for years to monitor various things. My 8"mediapad is oriented for landscape use. Why on Earth do I have to pick it up all the time instead of it flipping to landscape?

The interesting thing is that only the initial main screen requires portrait. All sub-screens (group / single cam views, wyze sense, etc) display perfectly in landscape. The only trouble is some of them can’t be backed out without flipping to portrait in between.

Not sure why the inconsistency since most other apps play ball w/intuitive rotation. Many deep drill-down screens can’t be backed out from landscape, requiring a portrait intervention. Instead of this very useful competent future add, we get the unwieldy new bulb UI. Priorities definitely seem out of whack.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

How many random products are going to be stuffed into the Wyze app before it self-destructs?


While I understand the reasoning behind the “soup to nuts” “one size fits all” app development, all I really wish is that I could have a lean and mean, “WYZE camera only” app. Simple, bullet-proof. Bug free. Only need an annual update. Set It and Forget it!


Kinda agree that the app should either branch or facilitate some add-on plug-ins for, say, ‘lifestyle products’ like scales, bands, vacuums, etc. Totally understand the logic for supporting bulbs, sensors, plugs, etc. since they all tie into compound automations. I think you are onto something here with a leaner base app and optional modules for ancillary products.

Was the banner removed or made optional for this release (change from its presence in the RC beta)?

Borrowed @gyzmo 's graphic - thanks, g-man!

It is not there anymore.

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Thanks, @gyzmo!

Fine and dandy so far running on Bluestacks 4 android 7 emulator.

Although I didn’t test this…

…because I don’t feel like doing the necessary delete/re-add-bulb-to-app dance if the condition persists, which I’d wager it does. :slight_smile:

When you do that you lose your ‘scenes’, too. :frowning:

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