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Hey I found the setting (Override Force Dark) and that actually worked. I already had developer options enabled, but I didn’t see that setting until now. Thank you.

Yup I just noticed that and I turned mine off as well.

I don’t get that issue at all. I’m on a Samsung S10+ and Android 11. All my apps are behaving fine so far. I’ve had forced dark mode on for months.

Im on same platform, its only on certain apps i used regularly… I havent turned it back on for a while so it may have resolved with some of the Android updates.

I’ll give it another go however I still find it extremely disappointing that for over two years wise had promised app version 3 would have dark mode. I had joined the beta testing program hoping to be one of the early testers and it never appeared. I had to bail out of beta testing cuz that was causing me more problems with my camera since just leaving it in normal mode

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I’m on Android 11 as well on a Motorola. You can see the problems when you run the Amazon shopping app. On some other apps the controls are too dark to see. Maybe you’re just not seeing it because of that.

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This is an embarassing omission at this point. As is the lack of full landscape mode implementation.

No way to sugarcoat it. Embarassing.

The Wyze app hurts.

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What about the dark mode request?
I have not seen any response from the Wyze team on this,

Hey @sln2gtr

It’s apparently more difficult to implement than it would seem. I don’t understand why that would be but I’m not a programmer so I don’t reject the possibility.

I think if it were easy they would have done it long ago. The last thing you want is customers cursing you in the darkness when they’re using your app.

Funny, I have another app with the same two faults from a well known tech company. I use it often in tandem with the Wyze. Cyan and white, almost identical.

Soooo… double-, or quadruple-, ouch. :unamused:

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Hey! It’s officially been more than three years!

Just read through this entire thread to see if any changes were made. To no one’s surprise, none were made. There seem to be a lot of problems with what Wyze is doing and they seem to be fixing barely any of them. (Currently on my 2nd replacement of headphones as they are so poorly built.)

I do have one point of advice for the iOS users: there is an option to “smart invert” the screen. This works for the Wyze app but, like with the Android counterpart of this system, breaks with most other apps. Nevertheless, it is a good option if you really want a quick fix.

Hope this helped,
– Fishy

3 whole years!!! Think of how shortsighted Wyze is to have not addressed this before adding a boatload of new modules…

The really distressing part is the complete silence on their part.

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Is it worth bringing up anymore? They did say dark mode would be out in V3.

Not aware what version the app is currently running, but I doubt it is at the V3 stage yet. As they “have to rewrite the entire interface,” it would make sense for them to wait until then instead of “prelonging” the release date of V3. They’re still a company and, as a majority of the community would have a problem if they stopped to fix their app instead of releasing new products (that are broken too), need to have some sort of consistency (think Apple releasing a new iPhone roughly every year); having it be interrupted expectedly rather than out of the blue.

A way they could get around this; however, would be to hire a team of developers with a sole priority of updating their software to community desires. Confusing how they haven’t done that or something in similarity to that yet. Perhaps they truly don’t consider the community as their priority; only money.

Not vouching for Wyze in any way. We should have gotten a response to the “Dark Mode Wait,” as I’m calling it. The community needs to know what’s happening.

This company has problems,
– Fishy

Thanks thats been my sense all along.

When I brought it up on the wise Facebook group, I was immediately flamed by a half dozen people telling me I’m a complainer and a whiner and I’m insensitive to their financial plight.

After taking in an afternoon’s worth of abuse I decided to just leave the group…

Comments like “well what do you expect for a $25 camera”

“And don’t you know the company barely survived through the pandemic…”

Well apparently they have had no problem paying software developers to keep writing new modules, which I just see them as digging a deeper hole.

It is beyond frustrating to have a wall of silence.

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I guess some people don’t find it a necessary fix. I did have one thought about the exposure of this topic, however.

I’m sure you’ve notice the “Mod Edits” that happen to comments (the “Removed ‘Get [xyz] for Android’” and “Post edited to conform to the Community Guidelines [which are gone, by the way]”). The forum moderators must have seen the comments. The part about that I don’t understand is why they seem to think a better idea of doing nothing about it. Isn’t helping the community the entire point of a moderator?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding. Maybe the edits are just bots and delayed to seem human. Heck if I know.

Others that are part of Wyze have responded to comments on this thread. The Wyze team was even emailed about this. If nothing changes after V3, all hope is gone.

– Fishy

Don’t let them chase you out of there. Return and become the KING of BACEFOOK! Then you can harass algorithmically all those who have wronged you Wyze wise (& otherwise.) :wink:

Darkness? What darkness?

Also, I agree somewhat. There is definitely a reason. It may not be difficulty considering it’s been three years and all. There is probably something other that difficulty withholding them from releasing a more pleasing interface. Don’t know what it is, though.

Eyes burned,
– Fishy


Funnily enough, this reply I made went through a moderation process where the STAFF REVIEWED IT.

What’s happening? Are they intentionally ignoring what could increase sales?

Sorry to flood notifications,
– Fishy

Well, the least they could do would be to sell at cost + 10% a quality pair of properly tinted eye-friendly shades. :sunglasses: Now those would sell out in a New York minute.


As I expect you know, Mods and Mavens are just plain schmoes like us - schmoes with privileges, but still schmoes. :wink:

Schmoe (or less),

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I found a solution other than using third party apps like tiny cam pro.

I bought 50 Wyze LED lights and bought multiple lamps to put them in. All 50 are in the bedroom. I leave them on 100% at night when I sleep (automated of course). Now when I wake I’m utterly blinded by the light, but as such when I open the app it feels very dark and hard to see (similar to checking app at high noon in the middle of the Sahara).

This has solved the issue of being blinded by the app in the middle of the night. Granted I’m struggling to sleep at all, and my wife left to stay at in-laws until lights are removed, so this solution isn’t really for everyone…


Brilliant! :sun_with_face:

I suppose that can work. The issue then would be a hard time sleeping. Don’t forget about the price, too.

Also, I don’t think we should be looking for a way around an accessibility issue. The problem is with Wyze, not us. I’ll attempt to email Wyze about this lack of communication issue later. Don’t quite have the time to do so at the moment.

Hopefully this goes somewhere,
— Fishy

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