Wyze App 2.24 Beta Test (Android); Wyze Cam v3 Beta Test 8/23/2021

Would like the CamPlus Device List to show which devices are on CamPlus first and not at the bottom of the available licenses.

Android View

iOS View


Just updated my v3s and it looks like zooming in is broken. When I zoom, it stretches the image.
Here’s a link to a screen recording. It’s happening on my Android app, not sure if updating the v3 or the app caused the issue. Only happening on v3.

Just tried this myself and I can replicate it. Good find.

However, on my device it only happens in Portrait mode and not Landscape.

Can you confirm that if you are in landscape mode and double tap on the screen that you also don’t have the issue?

Trying to narrow down where the problem is for Wyze and the developers

Confirmed this is only happening in portrait mode


There is an issue with the V3 on the Android app when in Portrait mode. The image is stretched and not Zoomed when you double tap on the Live Stream. However, in Landscape mode, it is ok.

What it looks like on Android

Normal Portrait

Double Tap in the Stream

What it looks like in iOS

Normal Portrait

Double Tap in the Live Stream

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AI notification preferences aren’t available via device, event recording. I haven’t even able to find them since updating to 2.24 which is annoying because all the car notifications are constant.

there is a new update 2.24.14. It has been corrected in this release, 2.24.13 is where it is broken.


Honestly right after posting that I go to the play store for my update check and see that wyze was one that needed an update, and I hadn’t looked as closely as I thought at the firmware version as I thought because I was on 2.24.13 and didn’t notice there was a new release, sorry for noticing that lol

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Its not a big deal, I do that as well. Its all good.

Actually now that I’ve gotten to the preferences and removed the vehicle preferences from the two cameras that I didn’t want constant notifications from like I’ve gotten for the past week or so they no longer say vehicle in the event view which I would still like if I’m ever in need of the option to only show vehicles when looking though, so my thing is I don’t want the notifications but would like the option to keep them specific in events, has this been removed???

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Thanks for fixing this so quick. I like the change in how you moved the AI detection stuff. And the variation of Night Vision IR on the camera. Helps with bugs! The physical kind!

@Yichen - could you please start putting the full app version in the title?
/edit - for example - “2.24.14”
and would it be possible to specifically state what and how we should test?
For example - “improved camera stability” - how do I test for that?

Updated app on my A20 - fine
updated “test” V3 - stated done, would not reboot past step 3. Tried turning off an on via app. Finally had to physically power cycle and it came up for view.
This is not acceptable. I’ve many V3’s hundreds of miles away that I cannot power cycle unless the power goes out.

Please do not ever apply a Beta firmware update to a remote camera! :scream:


I agree and would like to see this as well. The ability to select each type of AI event to record separated from the ability to select each type of AI event to get notifications for would be great.


Sneak up on and wiggle it? :wink:

Updated my 2 v3 yesterday ( and they are rebooting by themselves each 30-60 minutes. I have just formatted the cards to see if this issue will be solved.

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The last time I saw something like that I had a cam in direct sunlight behind an uncoated single-pane garage window, and the camera was hitting 170 deg F in the afternoons. Worked great at night, tho, lol.


I thought about it but it’s been 32-33 celcius for 2 weeks. The problem started after the update, coincidence? . I will see tonight. Formatting the cards did not solve this problem.

Edit: no reboot during the night. Too hot during the day. @Newshound has got the solution.:+1:

I didn’t have this issue with two v2 in a closure for 2 years at the same place. There is a v2 left pointing in the same direction in a closure and under a soffit with no issue either.

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