Wyze cam v3 distorted live-zoom

distorted live-zoom. When zooming in while watching live feed it zooms in but stretched vertically, looks terrible and difficult to distinguish the image. using Samsung Note 10 Plus Android 11 with Wyze cam v3 latest updates to app & firmware. I noticed this issue after the latest firmware update. I already uninstalled and reinstalled app from playstore and issue persists on all 6 of my wyze cam v3.

App version

firmware version

Well, well, that bug is back… I assume it is only when viewing in portrait mode, and only on Android phones. It got fixed in a beta version, and I just checked it on Android beta v2.24.41 and iOS v2.24.41 with V3 camera FW and V2 FW (RTSP) and (non-RTSP).

Yep, been reported. Wyze is still looking into this.

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I do like that it will zoom in and use more of the screen instead of have so much wasted white space, but it would be awesome if it didn’t distort/stretch things out of proportion and if it was optional.

this had been fixed and now it’s back! in beta v2.25. 12