Wyze App 2.23 and Wyze Sense Hub Released - 8/4/21

Wyze app 2.23.21 for both Android and iOS and Wyze Sense Hub firmware are releasing! These add support for preorder products and a LOT of new features as well as fix some bugs! :partying_face:

Read our Release Notes:


Any answers as to the security concerns brought up by this post on forum, is this an issue for Wyze cams or not?

Is this supposed to be an improvement for cameras over Beta app v2.23.16?

Gwendoyln said: “Now you can use location-based Rules and more!.”

How do you set-up and use the location-based Rules?


I’ve been told that the location-based Rules triggers from the 2.23 app are not available for everyone yet because it’s having a gradual rollout. Sorry for the confusion! You’ll have it soon and I updated the Release Notes page with this info. :slight_smile:


Why no answer as to the Security Issue affecting Millions of cameras?, known as Cve-2021-32934

Just Crickets every time this is asked

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I am glad they finally updated the hub to make a sound upon door opening. However, NO option to turn it on or not AND does not make a sound when the door has been shut. This would be a bonus, but allow to choose the sound it makes and allow each door to make a different sound and then you can identify which door was opened/closed upon sound made.


Just something I noticed, @WyzeAndy

In Test mode, no sensor events are logged in HMS’ monitoring event. The only thing that get logged is arm, disarm & away.

I think is worth checking out except this is how you intend it should work.

I got a sensor event and I’m in test mode. Did you update both the app and hub firmware?

Open the wyze app. Go to Monitoring - Home Monitor Settings - Tune Settings. From there you will be able to turn sensor tones off and on.
On a side note, the default tone is not pleasant at all. A list of optional tones would be great. The ability to assign each sensor with a desired tone would help in identifying which sensor had been tripped.


Interesting. I like the tone, but I agree having optional tones would be nice.

Found it and thanks so much! As I have been thinking on this the tone only plays through the hub, should have the keypad as an option as well. If you have a video doorbell, why not that speaker? Options are many but will they do it.

Yes. I have the latest versions, app and hub firmware. I’m surprised, I’m not getting it

To be clear, the alarm was in home mode. They don’t show when alarm is disabled.

Perfect. Thanks! That’s the root-cause. I’m permanently in Disarmed mode because I’m still working from home. Nothing in logged in HMS’ monitoring event but I get the chime from the hub whenever the door is opened.

I believe everything should be logged regardless of the mode you’re in @WyzeAndy

If in the Disarmed mode, the hub chimes and the app sends notification, then it makes sense to log that in monitoring event in HMS.


Wyze is using the vulnerable SDK and that’s why we get ZERO response from Wyze when asking about Cve-2021-32934.

Glad All my cameras are outside, and in barn.
No cameras in living areas of home.

Shame on Wyze for not fixing this vulnerability in all their cameras :rage:
Millions of Connected Cameras Open to Eavesdropping | Threatpost

Will the location based alerts just be via Alexa or will you have geo-fencing in the wyze app?

The location based rules will be part of a new rule set that is still in Beta at this time. So you won’t need Alexa.

I can’t do the beta updates to the Color Bulbs or Doorbell using the 2.23.21 app. It shows that firmware updates are available, but they immediately fail.