Wyze Alexa Integration

I have Alexa Fire TV boxes controlling Wyze bulbs and Wyze

plug in ports by my voice commands. After replacing a burned out Wyze

bulb with a new Wyze bulb, I lost the ability to control the Wyze

components by voice command to an Alexa Fire TV box. I can control the

Wyze devices by my Wyze apps on my Iphones and Ipads. The Alexa apps on

the same devices are linked to the Wyze apps and vice versa. However,

the Alexa apps and the Fire TV boxes cannot find the Wyze bulbs or the

Wyze plug in ports. What am I omitting to re-establish the connection?

Welcome to the community @m.jerry.kenig.

Has Alexa found the new devices? Do the new Wyze devices have the same name?

You may need to deleted the old devices from Alexa if they have the same name? Allowing the devices to connect as the new devices will have a different MAC address.