Does Echo Dot work with Wyze plugs?

First, sorry if the answer is obvious; I’ve searched forums, Amazon and Google and can’t find a confirmation. I’m coming from a HomeKit smart home, so first time dealing with Alexa.

I’m looking at setting up Alexa integration at second location and only need lighting control. I have several Wyze plugs (2021 versions) and outdoor plugs.

Will they work with the base model Amazon Echo Dot (3rd or 4th gen)? Amazon and Wyze websites list support for the Show and Spot, but don’t mention the Dot; just wanted to check that the Echo Dot will be able to control these plugs?


I have 4 New Wyze Plugs a 4 older Wyze plugs which I don’t use anymore. I also use Alexa Dot’s and Show’s. So to answer your question, yes the Wyze Smart Plugs do work with Alexa. You must install the Wyze Skill first and then the devices will appear in the list. You can then set Alexa to treat them as Light or a Plug.

Hope this helps.


And for your future reference, the model of Alexa enabled device has nearly nothing to do with compatibility. The connection is among an Alexa cloud server, a server hosting the Wyze “skill”, and your plug. Any Alexa enabled device can equally control Alexa home automation (even third party or software implementations like the Alexa app).

One obvious exception is video feeds to an Echo Show.

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Thanks to the both of you; appreciate the advice!