Wyze Air Purifier Filters

Wyze, you got some 'splainin to do. Really getting tired of the constant “out of stock” issue with replacement filters for the Wyze air purifier.
I have no idea who makes these filters for you or where they are made but it’s truly piss poor business practice to shaft your customers. Everyone here on this forum knows what you are doing in regards to these filters. You force people out to Amazon to buy these filters at a truly exceptional [Mod Edit] price. A whopping 15 dollars higher for the allergy filter alone.
Maybe you believe we are stupid. They never seem to have an out of stock issue with them on Amazon now so they. If you don’t get them in stock before my current filter needs replaced you can take the [Mod Edit] thing and [Mod Edit]. [Mod Edit] you can turn it on and off by picking your nose!
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