Wyze 47 no SMS notifications on Android

After the lastest update, my Wyze Watch 47 is no longer getting text message notifications. I can get phone call notifications, gmail notifications and others but not SMS. Tried all the troubleshooting, did a factory reset and nothing helped. This just became a problem in the last 2 days. Anyone else see this or have a solution?

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I am having the same issues with my and my wife’s wyze 47 watches. Even did the hotfix update and didnt help.

@daveydo82 Welcome to the Wyze Forums. Sorry to hear you are having issues. I am a Wyze Volunteer who helps when I can. For you and @crapeterson here are a few things you can try:

Make sure you have the Permission “Nearby Devices” allowed for the app. This is required for BT devices and if you don’t have it set, it will not work.

If it is set, take a look at this link and make sure you have the setting set:
How to Get Notifications on Watch 44 & 47 (Android)

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They were working. Tried re-installing the app and set it up like before. Even downloaded the hotfix Wyze put out and still nothing. It happened after the last update and the Bluetooth hotfix download didn’t help.

Same here. That “nearby devices” setting is set to allow and I have tried the “special app access” is also turned on. As @daveydo82 says, it happened after the last update. I also downloaded the recent hotfix and that didn’t resolve it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, done a factory reset on the watch and nothing fixes it, It appears to only be text messages that are not getting notifications sent to the watch.

I guess I’m out of luck as my watch still doesn’t receive text messages. I’ve reported the issue to Wyze and haven’t heard anything. Really frustrating that all the other notifications work except text messages. Make the watch sort of useless as a smart watch. Frustrating.

Very strange, have you tried contacting support?

I did and they went through all the steps and nothing worked. So they sent a replacement watch. And guess what? Set that up and the same issue unfortunately.

Sounds like it must be something with your phone, not sure what else to try, sorry.

Must be. All notifications including text worked before the last Wyze app update. Disappointing.

I’m having the same issue. I contacted support, and after some basic troubleshooting, I was told it was a bug and they were working on it…

Thanks. That is good to know they are aware of it and working on it!

I had the same issue with the 44. Support said it was something on their end and was looking into it.
Was going to send me a replacement watch and 2 months later, still don’t have a watch. Very disappointing

Oh and they were also working on it 2 months ago….still nothing

So it looks like this is resolved for me. Might have been a Samsung update to their messages app that updated today. The message app now appears under "other applications " where it didn’t before. So now that is set on, the text messages come through on my watch.


Well, I’m finally getting notifications on my watch again…because I took my WYZE watch off and put my Garmin back on.

Still waiting on a resolution to an issue I’m having with my GDC for 4 months as well, with no resolution in sight.

Hey @crapeterson

I’m also having issues with my watch 47 not getting text notifications.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, what did you toggle on in the other applications settings ?