WVOD camera Error Code 05

All this year about half the time I get Error Code 05. I can not view the video/picture about 1/3 of time, maybe more. I called several times about this problem. Today, again, she wants me to reset to factory defaults. I’ve already done this before. Also I think I have the Version V2 but not sure, I can’t find that anywhere .Is there a permanent fix for this?

Is your camera powered with a cable and power adapter or is it a battery powered cam? If you were told to factory reset it has to be a V2 indoor camera or a V3 indoor/outdoor camera. When did you buy the cam?

WVOD1B1 is a V3 Camera I just checked a box I have for one.
A Version one Battery Powered outdoor cam is a WVOD1. You heading says cam-outdoor V2?

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I ran it for a year on battery. Last year I got the Solar charger. Stay 98% charged. I changed heading to V2

If it has color night vision it is a Wyze Cam Outdoor Version Two, if it does not have color night vision it is a Version One WCO. Do you have cam plus or cam plus lite on the camera. what else does it say when you get error code 05, anything?
Probably a connection error. Is the base station connected to the router with ethernet cable or are you using Wi-Fi ?
Do you have up to date firmware on base and camera?
Open the camera on the app, go to settings, device information and check the signal at the cam.


It does not have color at night that I know of. I have base connected to route by cable. I am still looking for where it shows the signal strength to camera. firmware is up to date on base and cmera. you may be right on the connection being the problem. I will move the base a little better location to see if it improves.



It’s 3 bars just like in your example. Now to see if after I moved it to a better spot, to see if that improves enough to stop the error 05 stuff. Thanks. I pay the annual fee for the Cam Plus. Not Cam Pro or Plus Lite.

I went outside tonight in the pitch darkness, it seem to be working so much better just by moving it 2 feet to a better location by the window, instead of behind the wall. Thank you so much Antonius!

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