Error Code 05

Just recently started getting error code 05. Saw a few topics about this but didn’t see how the issue was resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When this happens to me, I simply do the Live Stream and the select Restart in the settings area. Otherwise, I remove power from the Problem Camera, wait for about 15 seconds, the apply power back and let it boot up.


Restart didn’t work. I will try unplugging the camera when I get home.

Update for those who have this same issue. Unplugging and powering back up fixed the error. Thanks @spamoni4


My pleasure. Glad it worked for you.

Just to chime in on this older post.

  1. My Wyze app v does not have a reset option in the settings. I only have v1 cams. No there is nothing below delete like I saw in several videos.
  2. I’m not sure how unplugging would help, my Wyze Cam v1 is battery powered, pulling the power cord should have no effect.
  3. I did power cycle, but I still can’t see the events from the past few days. I can see older images. For some reason it’s not recording videos.
    More info to come.

Any update? Thanks!!

I am also having this issue. I thought it was the device so I bought a new one and it worked for about 2 weeks, now getting this every time someone triggers it.