WVCR-XXXX network

Can anyone walk me through the steps to add the WVCR-XXXX network to the app.
I’ve tried everything and can’t make it happen. The app is on a I-phone 7.

Welcome back @davendianebray!
Have you started setup in the app? Follow the prompts in the app.
Is there a step that you need assistance or have issues with?

After you assemble & charge the Vacuum. Here are couple pointers where some get stuck:

Shut off your phone’s mobile data connection.
The 5Ghz WiFi may have the same SSID (name) as the 2.4Ghz WiFi. In either case it is easier if the 5Ghz is shut down or disabled until the Vacuum is setup.

When you get to the part where you connect your phone to WVCR_XXX (Vacuum’s WiFi) it will disconnect from your home WiFi and switch automatically.
You may see a waning that Internet is not available and if you want to keep the WVCR connection, you want to keep it.

Also of note, there are new App for iOS and Android that address some issues with the vacuum.

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