Solution: Vacuum Connection Issues

Hi there, an update here just FYI, We had problems connecting the vacuum to the app, had long conversations with support, sent them videos of the app behaviour etc, but to no avail.

The issue looked like: “The Wyze app doesn’t appear to realise that I’ve selected the Vacuum WIFI network. It freezes on the “connect your phone to WVCR_XXX” screen”.

I just received a replacement unit, and … exactly the same problem! App updated to latest etc etc.

This time however, I deleted the Wyze app from the phone and reinstalled it. Set up the vacuum again, and importantly allowed the app to access location which I’m sure I didn’t previously, since I never do that.

And it worked. My wifi appeared in the dropdown, and everything proceeded smoothly. Previously I was typing in my WIFI name and credentials manually, so the only real difference was the dropdown selecting the name of the WIFI network.

But… its working. If you’re still having issues, you might need to allow location in the app.


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