Setting up robot vacuum: Can't get past 'connection'

I updated the app to get past the binding issue, now I’ve tried four times and it keeps dying on ‘connecting’. It connects to the vacuum’s network…then a minute or two later the network disappears and it stays on connecting? Is this normal? What can I do to jump start this?

It appears this issue is not normal but a lot of people seem to experience this problem. I too have this issue, I get connecting on my phone screen for a few minutes then it says connection failed. I have tried many different things suggested on this community website but nothing works. I have two open tickets with Wyze but they have not responded. They seem to want to blame my router but it is only three years old and puts out a strong signal. My Wyze cameras work well and so do two iPhones and a iPad plus my TV is connected to the internet via the router. I manually ran the vacuum and it works well but without the firmwear on my phone can’t access all the nice features. Hopefully Wyze will figure out a fix for this issue. Keep your fingers crossed.

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