WRV Robot Vacuum Wheels not touching the ground

Getting the wheels not on ground error and it is out of warranty but I’d like to repair it and have questions about the 4 infrared lights on the bottom.

  1. Currently, the 2 on the bottom front are on, but the 2 on the bottom left/right side are off. I believe the front 2 are just cliff sensors and are not used for detecting wheels on the ground. Is this correct?

  2. What would cause the 2 bottom side sensors to not be on? Any suggestions on how to further troubleshoot this?

I think (but could be wrong) the sensors for off the ground are in the wheel unit themselves. I know on iRobot roombas the wheels go up and down a little, and there’s a small switch inside. Guessing this is the same. Probably wanna open it up and try to get into where the wheels connect, and see if there’s something blocking the little switch. Could be Tottaly wrong though.

It’s proximity based. I can clear the error just by getting the bottom of the vacuum close enough to a flat surface, even a wall (so not a tilt sensor). It’s probably dual-purposing those cliff sensors. I assume you made sure they are completely clean. I’ve not had to do anything special so far besides a quick vacuum off, the anti-static spray I use (Reztore ESD Surface & Mat Cleaner) helps a lot.

According to a vacuum robot overview that I’ve found, the Wyze Robot has 4 IR drop sensors.

I still need to validate if the two near the wheels are specifically for the on-ground/level detection. (2023-04-30)

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Did you find a solution?