Worst. Customer. Service. Of All Time

In short…

I couldn’t create an account because Wyze was telling me it already existed… apparently them email address I wanted to use was in virtual limbo.

I did everything they told me to do troubleshooting wise… Their final advice was to use my wife’s email address (LOL no thanks… remember this is a tech company!) They told me a supervisor would call me.

Then the strangest thing ever happened… they sent me a thread from ANOTHER USER to my email account… in this thread they gave me access to another user’s first and last name and contact phone number… if someone with Wyze is reading it’s in reference to request number [#2677143]. Please remember… THIS IS A TECH COMPANY WHO SPECIALIZES IN THE SECURITY FIELD! LOL!

Then I eventually call them back… after a supervisor still never called me… then a supervisor asks me what version of iOS i was using… LOL! I tell them that isn’t relevant and then ask: “hey why don’t you guys delete the email address that’s obviously causing a bug in your system…” and Ella May (Wyze supervisor) tells me… oh… I’ll just fwd the email address to the “deletion team.” LOL. After day four. Novel idea. Oh and by the way she never did that. The email address is still live. And I would later solve my own issue.

So I tell them all this… And I tell them I want to be compensated. For my four days of hell. Ella May tells me Wyze would like to give me a ten dollar promo code… LOL… so I can buy another product? And give them more money? Haven’t even gotten my first one fixed!

So I told her I’m just going to box up my stuff and return it to the company… The supervisor Ella May seamed pretty cool with that… she even sent me a link for how to process returns… LOL! Not off to a great start with the company… wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy.