World Class Support

I am an Electronic Security Industry veteran with 33 years in the business. I deal with every major camera manufacturer in the world, with the exception of those owned in part by the CCP and banned under NDAA.

I called Wyze support last night for a V2 that locked up during a FW update. I assumed it was bricked after trying everything I could think of to reset it. I called and waited patiently in line.

Wyze Wyzard Francesca came on the line, I explained the problem, she sent me an email with a link to do a manual FW update with a microSD card and waited on the phone with me through the whole process until it was completed and my camera was fixed. THAT IS WORLD CLASS SERVICE for a $20 camera! Total call lasted 36 min including hold time. Wyze is a Wynner!


Nice to hear.

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