Working app

Craig from support suggested i add to the wishlist…

How about dixing the app so i can view my cameras again. Crash everytime opening the camera group.

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Sounds as if support essentially blew you off then. That’s hardly a wishlist item. Have you can completely uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it?


Which app version are you running?

Wyze app Home > Account > About

Which operating system version is running on your viewing device?


Support should not have sent you to the Wishlist for an issue like that. I am sorry you are experiencing issues with the app crashing. I will check but I believe this is an issue we know about and are fixing but to be sure can you tell me what app version you are using? Dis support give you a ticket number when you talked to them, if so could you post it here?


Hi @bmoffin

Sorry to hear that your app is not funcioning correctly right now. May I know are you using the beta wyze app on Android 10? Could you please check google play store to see if there is any update for the beta version? The newer one should able to fix this crash issue on Android 10.

Let me know if you need any help. Thanks!