Won't connect with new router

I had to change my router and then my cameras wouldn’t connect. Samen name, same password for wifi

It is a dual router but I connect to the 2.4. The 5 is setup with a different name so it shouldn’t be confusing anything

I have the tried to delete the cameras and adding the again and it goes great with connecting, QR code scanned and then it just hangs in connecting for some minutes before the app gives up. During the process the cameras do change to blue light and I can hear a click from the inside

Any ideas of what to do?



Try this and then try to set up again from scratch:



I have tried it but it never finalize in the app. The camera do change ti slowly blinking blue after a few seconds, but the app never adds the camera.

A few times when I try co set it up the camera says connected to network, but rarely

I have also tried to remove the app and reinstall it


Assuming you did the Factory Reset per the instructions above, the next step would be to re-flash the firmware. Instructions can for that can be found by searching for “flash firmware” in the support section linked at the top of this page. The instructions depend on model of camera.

I would suggest submitting a support ticket now in case that doesn’t work since there is a backlog of support cases.

I thought that I would share a similar experience …

My cameras used to stay connected on the old version of the router firmware.

I upgraded my Asus router’s firmware to the current version. The old version was years old …

After the upgrade, I had all sorts of problems keeping the cameras online …

The new version of the firmware had a bunch of new options for configuring the 2.4 wi-fi network.

After doing a bit of googling, I discovered some posts about disabling some of the new options …

After disabling the options, my connections have all been fairly reliable.

I would suggest checking to see if you have any options regarding the configuration of your 2.4 network, disable as many as possible, and see if you symptoms change.

Good luck!

I have to agree that since it was the router being changed that introduced the problem, it is more likely to be due to something different about the router instead of the camera.

Reflashing the camera is in my opinion, unlikely to change things if it was working correctly before you switched routers.

Does your new router have a stricter firewall? That could also be the issue.

This used to have a different link, but Wyze changed it (why?) Does the pan use different ports?


old link that no longer works. https://www.wyzecam.com/what-ports-open-firewall-for-wyzecam-work/

Found the error and it sounds completely stupid, but the QR code generated on my iPhoneX was the issue. Tried with an older iPhone 7 and it worked straight away. Thanks for all the suggestions.


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Interesting. I’ve not heard of the X being a problem, but perhaps something about the OLED display makes it hard for the camera to see the QR code.

The weird thing is that it accepted the code and the camera went online, but the app stalled and timed out. Therefor I could not see it as a device afterwards.