Wishlist: have the ability to quickly "sort" events by time

when you have 30+ events a day, it takes foreeeeveerrrr to scroll through the events of that day. and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll, while the app veerrryyy sloowwwlllly loads the thumbnails of each and every event before yo ucan scroll past that

often, i know exactly the time I want to look for an event. But if I want to view an event at 9:00 am, i have to scroll through 30+ useless events, taking a long time, before I can go to the 9:00am event that I want.

Can Wyze support please enable a sorting slider filter, so we can chose which time-period of events we want to view?

If I want to only view events from 8:00am to 10:00 am, why should I have to scroll through all the other events at night before I can get to the morning?

I feel like it would be extremely easy to add a time filter sorting function to the events view


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