Hour filtering inside the app

Since scrolling through pages and pages of events resets when you view one video, can we have a way to quickly go back to a specific hour to see events. If I want to see events from 3 days ago starting at midnight I have to scroll through every event for that day. Maybe add a 0-23 under the date select filter in the app

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Dlukz! :raising_hand_man:

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, that is handled thru a new topic post in the Wishlist. Go to the Wishlist, search the topics for one that matches your request. If you find one, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request. If you do not find a match, submit a new topic for approval.

Your search may reveal that the Wishlist topics Event filter/search by date, time and range or Quickly Scroll Through Many Events (Events List Scrolling Improvements) meet your request needs.

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