Quickly Scroll Through Many Events (Events List Scrolling Improvements)

A common annoyance with cloud events is scrolling takes so long. Only like 20 events are loaded at a time, so if you want to watch a previous days events from earlier in the day you need to scroll, wait. Scroll, wait. Scroll, wait. And it takes a long time.

My suggestions are to

1: increase the amount of events that are loaded at a time.

2: start loading the next batch of events BEFORE you get to the bottom of the event list. Start loading them about 5 events from the bottom, so when scrolling at a normal speed there will be no interruptions.

3, the big one: create a fancy scroll bar (like the one google photos uses) that will allow you to quickly scroll through ALL events that day. Even unloaded ones, and show little markers for the hours along the scroll bar.

Then you can just grab the scroll bar, drag it down until you get to roughly the hour you want, and release. It will load all the events in that area and you can scroll normally to find the exact event.

This could probably be done by returning a list of the total amount of events (so the scroll bar knows the length), and then a list of the occupied hours and how many events occurs in that hour (so it knows which ones to display and how far to space the markers on the scroll bar).

Heh. :slight_smile:


Yes!!! 1000x YES! When it is easier to find a specific time on the SD card playback than it is to go to a morning time using the paid Cam Plus cloud events, then something new should be considered.

Sometimes I know something happened at like 5am or whatever yesterday, and want to view it on multiple cameras, but it will take me FOREVER to scroll back to 5am because it always starts at midnight and takes what feels like hours to scroll, wait, wait, wait, wait, scroll, then wait forever again before being able to scroll again, and that’s just to get to the next hour. I’ve tried “collapsing” the current hour, but it actually seems like that doesn’t make it go any faster…it still loads all those videos in the collapsed tag because I have to scroll and wait, then do it again 10 more times until it finally loads the next hour for me to collapse. So the collapse saves screenspace, but not loading time.

Maybe this isn’t quite as big of a deal for people with like 1 camera, but even doing this for a group of a few cameras in a high-traffic zone takes FOREVER to get to morning events. It should not be more annoying to find an event using the paid service than it is to go find that exact time using the free SD card playback.

For now, what I often do for morning events, is I will filter events on one single camera to find exactly when that event occurred on that one camera. Then I will mark that time and go search for that exact time on the SD card playback on all the other cameras so I don’t have to spend so much time trying to scroll to those morning events on cam plus.

I think the main point here is that scrolling to a specific even time should not be so much more difficult on the paid events than it is with the free SD card events. :man_shrugging:

This was a great wishlist request @IEatBeans … I hope it is something the devs will consider improving.

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I 100% agree. I really hope they don’t mark this as “maybe-later”, because it’s the year of the camera, and they said app/software improvements will also be focused on this year (which they definitely have but there are still plenty), and it is definitely a big deal that the free SD card playback is faster than paid cloud events

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Almost everything starts as a “Maybe Later” because they plan their roadmap out X months in advance (I think 6-12 months depending on the time of year). When a new idea or request comes along, they already have everything planned out for several months, and if it’s not something that is being currently actively worked on with the current roadmap, then it makes sense to mark it as “Maybe Later” until it gets worked into the roadmap. It’s possible they can make this take priority over something else and push back some other things, but don’t let the “maybe later” hurt your spirits. I basically expect every single wishlist to start as “Maybe Later” and then get updated to Researching, in development, testing, etc. afterward unless the request is something they have already been working on before it was requested. I think this is a great idea/request that will eventually get on their radar and put on the roadmap. It just depends on what other things were already on the roadmap.

For the most part, I don’t expect wishlists to get an "in Progress status for a minimum of 6 months unless they were already secretly being worked on or are super simple implementations. Which I guess is possible. I have no idea.

But the fact that it is a paid subscription thing bringing them the most income means it should get priority.

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To make things worse, the latest android app kicks you back to the top of the events list after you watch one. So you have to scroll through again.


Oh my gosh yes! It’s so annoying and such a time suck


I think I saw one of the employees say they were at least fixing that in one of the next updates, but yes, that is really rough right now. to keep getting kicked back to the top to have to start all over from scratch again.