Cloud Events Option Collapse Each Hour for Faster Scrolling


Is there an easier way to jump to a recorded event other than scrolling down the app? Maybe make each hour collapsable?


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Great idea @elzhi!
This currently isn’t an option.
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Actually, I found out it can. Just click on the hour, and everything collapses. Then click again on the other hour.

Thanks for the tip, that is helpful. (It should be noted that the current hour can’t be collapsed in any way, and in its place it has a collapse all events option instead, but it then hides all the hours so you can’t scroll to the time you want)

It would be great if there was an option to tell it to collapse EVERY hour all at once, then we could scroll to the exact hour we want and review just those videos. That option should replace the option to collapse all events.

I have 3 dozen cameras with cam plus on them and so it is insanely tedious and difficult in the afternoon or evening to go scroll to view any events that happened in the morning or early AM. Hundreds of cloud events. It’s really, really difficult. Filtering helps in some cases if I know exactly who or what I am looking for, but not if I just want to see all the videos from every cam around 7AM…it feels almost impossible to scroll to view those events.

But if we could collapse all events into hours then scroll to that hour and open that up, that would be insanely helpful, especially for those like me with so many events to sort through.

Great wishlist idea! I full support this, and thanks for the tip on how to collapse hours one by one.

Now if only we could collapse all the hours at once and scroll to the time we want to view. Wyze please replace the Collapse ALL Events option with something that instead collapses all hours so we can easily scroll to the time we want to review.

To collapse current hour, tap the header text “RECENT EVENTS”. Drag up, hold, release to load previous hour. To reset all, drag screen down.

I couldn’t get this to work (on Android), or else I misunderstand.

I tried a few variations, but none of them worked (for what I expected). If I tap (touch and release), it just collapses everything. If I then drag up, it just refreshes the blank screen.
If don’t release, but touch and hold then drag up, it just moves the events up.

Either way I don’t get the current hour to collapse without collapsing everything. What am I doing wrong, or does it just not work on Android? It sounds like something insanely useful, especially at the top of the current hour when I have hundreds of total events in that hour that I can’t just collapse to get to the next hour quickly. I’d love to learn this trick if possible. :slight_smile:

When you tap RECENT EVENTS, it collapses current hour. It only appears that you have a blank screen because there is nothing left in the display cache. When you drag up, you have to drag up and hold up for a long, long time, then release and wait… for a long time before previous hour is loaded. Seriously. :grin:

Also note that depending on where you are located… it is or will soon be an hour past midnight. So tapping recent events (current hour) will result in no events because there is only 1 hour to display.

I got it to work! Don’t know why it didn’t work the last time I tried it. You are right, sometimes I have to hold up for a long, long time on some of the hours to get it to pull up the previous hours.

Thank you for explaining that to me. Basically “RECENT EVENTS” acts as the current hour.

It would be great if there was an easier and quicker way to get all the hours to just automatically collapse so it was easier to scroll to the hour in question, but at least there IS a way to collapse the hours to scroll faster. I am so glad to learn this is possible. :slight_smile:

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This is one of those features that isn’t advertised. It was asked for however and Wyze delivered! :+1: I think it’s been active for about 11 months.

And yes… need faster way to find events. Would love to be able to use a scrollable time-sidebar or similar. That’s already a wishlist item.