Can only see 20 events at a time

I get several events per camera per day. After 20 events, the only way to see older events is to delete the most current so that older events appear on the list. Kind of frustrating that i have to delete events to see others and decide what is important.

Just scroll down. More events will automatically appear when you try to scroll below those Events that are currently loaded. :slight_smile:


On my app I scroll to the bottom and then try to keep pulling the screen by holding. More will load.


This does not work for me. I will go through events, download any I want to keep, then delete. Once it shows the “there are no events” message, i pull down from the top and it shows the message, and I move on to the next day. BUT I noticed that, if I tick back on that day later, like a day or so later, there are more events for that day. I tried pulling up from the bottom, but that doesn’t make a difference. I have to wait hours until any missing ones show up. Perhaps this is part of why you guys push for subscriptions, saying that people leave things in the cloud. If we don’t know they’re still there, we can’t delete them.

This would be much easier if I could save notification video clips to my tablet or phone, but the app doesn’t offer that option.

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Don’t pull down from the top. You scroll to the bottom and pull up from the bottom. More events will load.

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That’s weird. I tried posting a video showing what I do, but the file was too large. I scroll to the bottom most event video for the day, then I try to keep scrolling by pulling up. You should see a little loading circle, and then the events appear. You may have to hold down after pulling up to get it to show.

You can download the video file from events. The option to download to your device appears while watching the event video.

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It only gets worse from there. I subbed to Cam Plus Lite, but am dealing with that not integrating, either. I have that addressed in another thread and currently am on chat with Wyze Wizard “Edgar.”

I really appreciate your trying to help!

I uploaded my video to YouTube of what I do to see more than 20 videos (I also included the screen touches so you can see where I tap, slide, and hold). Here’s the link:

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Wow! Mine doesn’t look so fancy. The devs must all use Apple products. I found the issue with my subscription problem, so ill go work on that first and see if it makes a difference. Thanks again!

I’m on Android. Running the latest Wyze app. The app should look the same for everyone.


Had the same issue. Had no idea I had to swipe and then hold, hold, hold until they loaded.

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