Does the app only save 20 events maximum?

Have 4 cameras set up and only see 20 events saved at one time and then they fall off and with 4 cameras at a business, that is only about 1 hour, usually less

I have one V3 and 4 WCO and I already have 30+ events since 00;001 this morning. Tap the funnel on the top right of events page then tap show all.

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@cyndi, Welcome to the User Community!

That is just all that initially loads from the cloud at one time when you open the events page. Just the 20 most recent to start off the chronological list.

Pull the list upward to get to the last one on the bottom, Then pull up more and hold for just a bit…,. You will see more load at the bottom if there are more in the cloud. Keep doing that till it doesn’t do it any more. The last one in the list should be the first one recorded for the day.

When you are at the top of the list, pulling down refreshes.

Hope this helps.:blush:
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