Select more than 20 events for deletion

Allow selection of more than 20 events for deletion at one time (preferably entire day’s events).

With the most recent software update, it appears that only 20 events at a time can be selected for deletion, and it takes 5 presses of various “buttons” to delete each group of 20. This takes an enormous amount of time in a situation where the cameras must run all the time during normal household activity, and thus record hundreds of events daily.

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It can be done. Here’s the trick… the events all need to be loaded before trying to delete them. To do that, you have to keep scrolling to the bottom to load the next batch of clips. Once new clips stop loading when you scroll to the bottom, then you can enter Delete mode, tap Select All and they should all be deleted.


Thanks for the reply. Ah, I see. That changed a little with this last big software update. I used to hit the select button first, then scroll down to load them all before deleting. I just tried loading them all first as you describe, and it worked, thank you.


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Are you saying to tap the pencil button first, then scroll to the bottom and tap select all then delete.?

I did rhat and it did not work.